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              Penglai Hongpan Pingjie Tool Co., Ltd. is a professional weight supplier in China, mainly engaged in the sales of mid to high grade weights. The company's main products include OIML series weights, ASTM series weights, cast iron weights, stainless steel added weight weights, stainless steel lock type weights, etc. The weight specifications range from 1mg to 5000kg, and the monthly production capacity is 100000 pieces.

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            1. Food industry

              Food industry Food industry

            2. pharmaceutical

              The pharmaceutical industrypharmaceutical

            3. Daily chemical industry

              Daily chemical industryDaily chemical industry

            4. candy industry

              candy industry candy industry

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              Through the EU CE quality certification, the company's products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other places, and are favored by domestic and foreign customers

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